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Procedure for using your virtual prepaid EXCARD

Making a deposit on your trading account

To make a deposit on your trading account using EXCARD, please follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu of your Personal Area, choose “Deposit Funds”.

  2. In the “Make Account Deposit” window, in the “Operation Type” field choose “Local payment...” and click on the “Make Account Deposit” button. Leave the “Deposit Amount” field unchanged.

  3. If you already obtained a virtual EXCARD prepaid card from a local agent, enter the unique code (provided by the agent) in the appropriate field on the right and click "Make a deposit". Funds in the amount corresponding to the card's face value will then be credited to your trading account after deducting a fee as indicated on the website under "Deposit and Withdrawal". If you have not yet obtained a virtual card, please review the list of EXNESS agents working in your area and choose an agent to work with. The list of local agents is organized as a table with each agent's personal information (first name, last name, contact information) and the number of virtual cards the agent has along with their face value in the local currency. After choosing an agent, contact him or her by any available means using the information in the table. Agree on the number and face value of the virtual cards to be purchased and the payment method: cash or bank transfer. Note: The agent must sell you an EXCARD at a price not higher than the face value of the card and only in the currency indicated on the card. When selling you cards, the agent must give you their activation codes - each card has its own unique code.

  4. Once he has received payment for cards sold, the agent activates them and you can use it to make a deposit to your trading account, entering the code you received in the appropriate field and clicking “Make a deposit”.

Withdrawals from your trading account

To make a withdrawal from your trading account after making a deposit via local payment, please follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu of your Personal Area, select “Withdrawals”.

  2. In the "Withdrawal" window, choose "Local Payment" in the "Operation Type" field; in the "Withdrawal Amount" field, indicate the amount to be withdrawn. Then provide the name of the bank, account number, and additional payment details in the fields: "Bank name", "Bank account number" and "Additional bank details". Then click "Submit Withdrawal". A fee is charged for withdrawal as indicated on the website under "Deposit and Withdrawal".

  3. In the list that appears, choose the local agent you want to use to process the withdrawal, and click the “Make Withdrawal” button.

  4. After the agent has accepted your instruction for making a withdrawal, a letter will be mailed to you notifying you of completion of the withdrawal. If you do not receive your money within 24 hours, please contact EXNESS customer support immediately with your query.

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