Tick History

Access an archive of historical tick data drawn from our real-time pricing. Select an instrument and time period to download a zip file of past bid and ask prices.

Note: To view tick history for previous months, you need download the history for the entire month. You can only select specific days for the current month.

Frequently asked questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions about Exness tick history.

A tick is a measure of the minimum movement in the price of a security which can be either upward or downward. It can also refer to the change in the price of an instrument from one trade to the next trade.

Tick history is a list of all ticks for a selected instrument at a certain point in time. This is useful when investigating the execution of certain orders or to check the prices that are being offered on our servers.

Transparency is one of the core principles we apply to everything we do at Exness, and our publicly available tick history proves this principle.

Using the tick history you can confirm the correct execution of your orders by checking the actual prices in the market against the price your orders were executed at.

The downloaded file contains all the ticks - bid and ask prices, for the selected instrument and trading period.

To search for a certain price, you can use the search function on the tick history report.

Note: Buy orders close with the bid price and sell orders close with the ask price.

If you are facing issues with opening long monthly reports on your Numbers app for MacOS or Excel for Windows, you can open the downloaded file using the following:

  • TextEdit app on MacOS

  • Notepad app on Windows

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