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Introducing Broker (IB)

Along with crediting Partner Rewards based on the trading volume of Clients signed up, EXNESS follows the practice of transferring a percentage of each of a client’s closed positions. This significantly increases the rewards received by our Partners in comparison with the standard schemes generally used by other market players.

Our specialist EXNESS has picked the ideal balance of trading conditions for you. The conditions offered by EXNESS are the best there are, and most of our Clients have been with us for a long time. When combined with our original partnership deal our partnership scheme is even simpler and more profitable.

Our Partners whose signed-up Clients trade with Forex Mini accounts receive increased commission from the spread from transactions by 1st level Clients and 3% from the spread of transactions by 2nd level Clients (that is, Clients who registered for a trading account using the agent link of one of the Clients that you signed up).

Regardless of the currency pair, your commission will be more than 33.3% of the spread.

If clients signed up by an EXNESS partner trade using Forex Classic accounts, the commission is based on their trading volumes and is equal to USD 5 for each USD 1 million of the combined total trading volume of all the Partner’s signed clients.

If clients signed up by an EXNESS partner trade using Forex ECN* accounts, the commission is based on their trading volumes and is equal to USD 3 for each USD 1 million of the combined total trading volume of all the partner’s signed clients.

Our company operates a flexible reward system for our Partners. Commission is calculated automatically for all Introducing Brokers and depends on the total trading volume of the Clients they have signed up. Every EXNESS partner can increase his commission up to 40% from his 1st level Clients’ transactions and up to 7% from the transactions of his 2nd level Clients. Please note that this commission calculation applies for those Introducing Brokers who have signed up Clients who are trading with Forex Mini accounts.

How we calculate commission:

Once you have opened a Trading Account with our company and been granted the status of Introducing Broker the total trading volume of all of your 1st level Clients over the past 30 days will automatically be recalculated daily. This is the figure which will be used as the basis for your Partner commission calculations as set out in the table below.

Trading volume over 30 days Commission as % of spread Level of Partnership
0-50 mln USD 33.30% + 3% 2nd level Advanced Partner
50-100 mln USD 35.00% + 3% 2nd level Bronze Partner
100-150 mln USD 35.00% + 5% 2nd level Silver Partner
150-200 mln USD 37.00% + 5% 2nd level Gold Partner
200-300 mln USD 37.00% + 7% 2nd level Platinum Partner
300-500 mln USD 40.00% + 5% 2nd level Brilliant Partner
> 500 mln USD 40.00% + 7% 2nd level Premium Partner

How does this work for you?

Not only can you increase your Partner rewards, you can also see exactly why you have received a particular amount of commission. The more Clients you introduce, the greater their overall trading volume and, correspondingly, the greater your Partner reward. So your active participation as an Introducing Broker for EXNESS is justly rewarded.

One of the advantages of working with EXNESS is a dynamic spread. That's why our Clients are interested in a long term relationship.

The floating spread is a far more transparent instrument in dealings between a company and a trader, because the Client can always see the actual conditions of the trade and is not presented with a fait accompli, as happens with a static spread.

The size of the spreads is also a significant factor. Our company offers the best spreads in the market on the majority of instruments. Clients find it advantageous to trade with EXNESS, so it is easy to attract them. What’s more, the fewer the spreads, the longer the Client stays with the company and, correspondingly, the higher the Partner reward for the Introducing Broker.

These exceptional trading conditions raise our Clients’ confidence in EXNESS and mean that they are with us for the long-term. This is also borne out by the figures below.

Using our own research based on EXNESS LIMITED Partner and Client polls we have drawn up two charts which clearly show the dynamics of our Clients’ trades in comparison with the competition.

Volume of Clients’ trades with companies offering a fixed spread (over a 9 month period)

80% of trades are completed within 4 months

Many companies see client numbers decline because they offer a fixed spread. Consequently, the trading volume drops off towards the end of the period.

Many companies see Client numbers fall away because they offer a fixed spread, and as a result the volume of business drops off towards the end of the period.

EXNESS LIMITED, on the other hand, by offering a floating spread, has a higher volume of business for the period and a less noticeable drop-off.

Volume of EXNESS LIMITED Clients’ trades (over a 12 month period)

80% of trades are completed within 4 months

The best terms for our Partners

No matter what the trading symbol your commission will be more than 33% of spread for a Client you’ve signed up who is trading with a Forex Mini account. If Clients signed up by an EXNESS Partner are trading with Forex Classic accounts the commission will be USD 5 for each million dollars of the combined total trading volume for all their signed clients. If Clients signed up by an EXNESS Partner are trading with Forex Classic accounts the commission will be 3 US dollars for each million dollars of their total trades based on their trading volume. The commission will be transferred to your account as soon as the Client’s trade has been completed. The majority of deposits and payments on our trading accounts are carried out automatically.

Our Partners’ and Clients’ opinions are very important to us and we always take them into account when deciding on our company policies.

In order to make the partnership more productive, EXNESS provides its Partners with a list of rules and recommendations for signing up Clients.

EXNESS LIMITED offers promotional websites for its Partners. If needed, we can provide an EXNESS LIMITED promo website, free of charge, along with the ability to administer the site. To get a site all you have to do is fill in this form, after which EXNESS LIMITED will assess your eligibility. The only cost to you is the cost of the domain name and hosting (you can set this up on your own or EXNESS LIMITED can do it for you). EXNESS LIMITED provides the webpages, graphics, and content for free.

A Partner that uses his or her own Partner website significantly increases his or her standing as an EXNESS LIMITED Introducing Broker and receives more profit.

The table shows 1st level commission calculation at Forex
Partner's level Commission for 1 lot at spread 0.6 p., USD Commission for 1 lot at spread 0.9 p., USD Commission for 1 lot at spread 1.5 p., USD
Advanced Partner — 33.3 % 2 3 5
Silver Partner — 35 % 2.1 3.15 5.25
Platinum Partner — 37 % 2.22 3.33 5.55
Premium Partner — 40 % 2.4 3.6 6
Partner's level Commission for 1 lot at spread 50 p., USD Commission for 1 lot at spread 60 p., USD Commission for 1 lot at spread 80 p., USD
Advanced Partner — 33.3 % 16.65 19.98 26.64
Silver Partner — 35 % 17.5 21 28
Platinum Partner — 37 % 18.5 22.2 29.6
Premium Partner — 40 % 20 24 32
Examples of calculation of commission on CFD for futures
Tool Contract commission (1 lot) Partner's commission*
For Mini account For Classic account For Mini account For Classic account
CL_X (Crude Oil) 13 USD 10 USD 2.6 USD 2 USD
CJK3 (Cocoa) 13 USD 10 USD 2.6 USD 2 USD
* partner commission amount on CFD for commodity futures is fixed and equals to 20% from the contract commission for partners of all levels.
Promo material

EXNESS will help you to organize your work as an Introducing Broker to best advantage.

EXNESS Partners are provided standard EXNESS banners and a Quotes informer for their own websites. The logo and other elements of our corporate style are also available electronically to Partners.

EXNESS works with its most active partners to develop exclusive, targeted promotional materials.

Build your Partnership network

By independently attracting potential Partners and widening your own Partnership network you can move up to the next level of affiliation. We value our Partners’ reliability and efficiency and offer Introducing Brokers an additional bonus of 3% or more from spread on transactions by clients who were signed up by your clients.

The next step

The registration process is easy and straightforward.

In order to become a Premium Partner with EXNESS you must send our team a note giving your account number and a short description of your vision of how you will work with EXNESS as an Introducing Broker. We will review your proposals within three working days and if we accept your proposal you’ll be given Introducing Broker status, your commission will go up, and an EXNESS specialist will help you get started as an Introducing Broker for EXNESS.

Our team can offer advice on any aspect of your role as an Introducing Broker.

We are happy to hear your ideas!

Commission limit

In case if Company employees who control Introducing brokers' operations reveal any autorefferal activity, i. e. receipt of a comission by an Introducing broker on trades which according to direct or indirect indicators can be deemed to be conducted by such Introducing broker, at the discretion of the Company Introducing broker's commission can be reduced up to 0 %. Reduction of the partner comission is caused by the fact that in case of use of autorefferal schemes such Introducing broker practically do not fulfill his/her basic task — engagement of clients.

If one of the spread values (opening spread or closing spread) differs from another by more than 30 %, then in order to calculate the average spread, instead of the higher spread value we use the lower spread value increased by 30 %.

Commission is not charged if after closing of a position there is a negative balance on the Client's trading account.

Commission is not charged if the amount of comission to be paid is less than 0.01 of currency unit used on Introducing broker's trading account.

*Only available for clients of EXNESS LIMITED.

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