New Services and Opportunities

Sept. 20, 2011

To our Traders: EXNESS introduces new updates to our trading servers and corporate website.

Additional trading server

Due to growing demand and transaction volume, EXNESS has launched a new server for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Now your trading on the EXNESS servers will be even more convenient, with reduced down-time through reduced loads.

If you trading account number is 400000 or higher, please use the following steps: in your terminal’s Service menu, go to Settings and enter the following address under “Server” – You can also reload your terminal by downloading a new installer file from our site and selecting the server Exness-Real2.

Informers: Account Returns

In addition to the trading account monitoring service, EXNESS specialists have developed account returns informers, graphic widgets that you can place on other websites.

Account returns informers demonstrate the success of your trading strategy in real time, which is an effective way to attract investors and otherwise publicize your activity.

Account returns informers and short instructions on how to use them are available on the Informers tab in the Personal Area. The Informers tab also provides HTML codes for quote and news informers, as well as banners with imbedded agent links.

Lower Margin Requirements

Starting September 12, 2011, EXNESS is lowering margin requirements for Mini and Classic accounts. This will give our clients increased free margin, along with greater flexibility to implement their trading strategies.

Maximum leverage for a Mini account with a balance between USD 1,000 and 1,999 is now 1:600 (previously 1:400). A Classic account with a balance of up to USD 14,999 now has leverage of 1:200 (previously 1:100). Other leverage amounts remain unchanged and are tied to the account balance. Visit the Leverage section of the EXNESS website to learn more about margin requirements.

Go to your Personal Area and choose Settings to increase your leverage.

We value our clients, and our goal is to establish a long-term, mutually profitable relationship with each EXNESS trader.

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