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Metal-Currency Accounts

EXNESS metal-currency accounts are a simple and reliable way to protect your money from the effects of negative economic factors during periods of financial instability. Investments in precious metals are also the perfect way for conservative investors to earn stable, high returns with minimal risk.

EXNESS metal-currency accounts include baskets of the following metals and currencies:

  • MAUUSD – Gold;
  • MAGUSD – Silver;
  • MPTUSD – Platinum;
  • MPDUSD – Palladium;
  • MBBUSD – Gold + Silver + Platinum + Palladium;
  • MBDUSD – Gold + Silver + Platinum + Palladium + EUR + USD + GBP + JPY.

When registering to open a metal-currency account, use the Account Currency field to choose the metal, currency or metal-currency basket you want. When you deposit money to the account, your funds will be converted to the currency of the basket you selected. You may access your account 24 hours a day using the Personal Area at the EXNESS website.

Advantages of Metal-Currency Accounts

A metal-currency account is an investment portfolio consisting of multiple precious metals and currencies. Distributing funds between these metals and currencies allows investors to protect their capital from the risks of price fluctuations on any one of the metals or currencies. If the price of a metal or currency in the basket goes down, the losses are compensated for by higher prices for the other elements of the portfolio. This safeguard feature makes metal-currency accounts a reliable source of long-term investment income.

  • Affordable. Any amount is sufficient to open metal-currency accounts with EXNESS.
  • High returns. Positive price movement in precious metals, plus the fact that no metals are actually delivered, guarantee stable, high profits over the long term.
  • Risk diversification. Investors protect their capital by distributing it between multiple financial instruments.

Types of Metal-Currency Accounts*

  • - USD
  • - EUR

MBA: bi-currency basket

This basket, consisting of two main reserve currencies – the Euro and the U.S. dollar – protects investors from risks due to price fluctuations on these financial instruments. A bi-currency account is also a good choice for investors looking to protect their capital from inflation and other negative economic factors.

The investment income on dual currency accounts is approximately 5% per year.

  • - USD
  • - EUR
  • - GBP
  • - JPY

MBC: multi-currency basket

This basket, consisting of the currencies of the world’s four leading economic powers, is intended to protect capital during periods of financial instability. This type of account is perfect for investors looking to guard their capital from currency risks.

The investment income on multi-currency accounts is approximately 1% per year.

  • - Gold
  • - Silver
  • - Platinum
  • - Palladium

MBB: combined metals basket

This is a balanced portfolio of four precious metals – gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Due to forecast industrial demand for gold and silver, this basket is a guaranteed source of high returns.

The investment income on these types of accounts averages more than 30% per year.

  • - Gold
  • - Silver
  • - Platinum
  • - Palladium
  • - USD
  • - EUR
  • - GBP
  • - JPY

MBD: metal-currency account

This investment portfolio, consisting of four metals and four currencies, is a reliable instrument for long-term investing. The balanced distribution of funds within the portfolio ensures stable, high returns with minimal risk.

The investment income on metal-currency accounts averages more than 13% per year.

* Funds are distributed between the elements of an investment portfolio according to a fixed formula as displayed in the diagrams.

Sample calculation of investment earnings

Here is an example of how to calculate the investment earnings for a basket consisting of four metals and four currencies:

According to quotes for May 9, 2010, the price for a single unit of currency for an account with four metals and four currencies was 1.29359 MBDUSD. A deposit of USD 1,000 would put 773.04f MBD in the account.

On July 17, 2011, the exchange rate for converting the four metals and four currencies to U.S. dollars was 1.46639 MBDUSD. The investor would have been able to withdraw USD 1,133.57 from the account.

The investment earned USD 133.57 for the year, or 13.4%.

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