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Executing client bids

A characteristic of the interbank market is the fact that client bids for the purchase and sale of a given financial asset are executed at current market prices. While observing this rule, we have optimized the mechanism itself for executing orders. Every client can see in the ordinary MetaTrader terminal both a graphic display of changes in the market value of any trading instrument, and a combined order book on it to buy or sell. Therefore a trader can use all methods of technical analysis in his work and, evaluating the ratio of exposed volumes of selling/buying, flexibly analyze the situation in the market.

Let's look in more detail at the main aspects of completing trading transactions. As already said, an important analytical instrument in our ECN system is the combined order book (or a "level two"). This order book contains information on limited orders (put forward by participants on the ECN site) on specific trading instruments, namely data on the volumes and prices of the bids. From everything in the order book, the five best prices for the buying and selling of a trading instrument are displayed. In other words, in the table the trader can always see the five lowest "Ask" prices and the five highest "Bid" prices simultaneously with the corresponding volume of bids for an instrument in which he is interested.

The technology for executing bids is described in detail in the sections "Market orders" and "Pending orders".

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